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Our bodies are complex, and sometimes it can be hard to cut through all the scientific/medical jargon to truly understand what is going on. So, get ready for the simplest, most non-jargony explanation of aging you’re ever going to see with simple solutions:

Dr. Sears has what he calls his “sticky stuff/garbage disposal” theory of aging. Aging has two main causes: too much sticky stuff (garbage) accumulates in the body, and the body’s garbage disposal system weakens so it can’t get rid of the sticky stuff. Health, therefore, is simply keeping the sticky stuff out of your body and strengthening your garbage disposal system.

The longer we live, the more garbage gets into our bodies through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the stress we store. As we age, our body’s garbage disposal system (immune system) weakens. The garbage that accumulates in our bodies causes the sticky stuff to build up in our tissues. People who maintain their garbage disposal systems and put less garbage in their bodies age better than those who do not.

There are three types of garbage that cause aging. The first is “oxidation”. Our bodies are oxygen burning machines causing free radicals or rust. Our bodies provide antioxidants, but as we age our bodies tend to produce fewer and garbage builds up.

The second type is inflammation. It literally means the body is on fire. Inflammation is the process which results from chemical chemical messengers repairing wear and tear in the body. Excess inflammation is the primary cause of unhealthy aging.

The last piece of garbage is Glycation or the accumulation of sludge preventing growth and repair of new tissues. As we get older, our cells become less sensitive to insulin, this is called insulin resistance, which leaves a higher level of glucose in the bloodstream. This excess sugar in your blood attaches to proteins, changing their structure and making them stiff and sticky.

You may be thinking if too much garbage causes unhealthy aging what can I do to cause healthy aging. One of the easiest habits to start with is Grazing. Grazing is eating smaller amounts of food throughout the day, instead of three big meals.

How we eat is an important part of keeping healthy while we age. Grazing is one of the simplest and most health-enhancing ways of eating. Dr. Bill guarantees that you will better enjoy eating as well as benefit from the good gut feelings and overall good health that comes from putting the right fuel in your body in the right way. Grazing is really the healthiest way for all ages to eat.

Following Dr. Sears’ Rule of 2’s is near the top of the list for the easiest and most health-promoting change you can make. The rules are:

  • Eat twice as often.

  • Eat half as much.

  • Chew twice as long.

  • And take twice the time to dine.

There is more good news about Adding Life to Your Years, and Years to Your Life, that good news is your body wants to heal itself and has an internal pharmacy. The lining of our blood vessels is the Endothelium. It contains microscopic medicine bottles that release a variety of medicines to heal the body. The key to opening your internal pharmacy is move more and eat more fruits, vegetables and seafood rich in (anti-sticky stuff) antioxidants.

The blood flows freely, and there is no sticky-stuff accumulating. This allows the endothelium to dispense the right medicines at the right time and in the right dosage. The artery is also wide open. This pharmacy stays open long hours, resulting in a longer and healthier life.

Why not start Adding Life to Your Years, and Years to Your Life today,

Call today for your FREE Health Assessment - 336-215-2670

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