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Personalized Coaching 

One on one or one family


If you prefer to work with me directly for a more personalized approach, please contact me, coach Roger, for a complimentary preliminary consultation prior to completing the assessment form downloadable below. 


Following our preliminary consultation and submission of the completed assessment, YOUR UNIQUE COURSE  and ACTION PLAN is created, based on elements from L.E.A.N. START and PRIME TIME HEALTH. The course is designed to fulfill the needs identified in the assessment.   A  follow-up consultation via phone  or ZOOM is scheduled for review of and proceeding with YOUR UNIQUE COURSE  and ACTION PLAN.

Please follow this link to complete the online assessment:

Online Assessment >

Call 336-215-2670 


Let's discuss how I can help you achieve your best life!

Pricing based on number of sessions and is discussed after first FREE No-Commitment Consultation & Assessment.

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