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Workplace Wellness Services

for Businesses, Organizations or Groups

Employees, Management, or Members

Ask coach ROGER today how LEAN Start or Prime Time Health eCoaching online courses can benefit the health and productivity of your employees. Group pricing provides an economical solution to many of the issues that can see significant improvemnet. The courses have an accountability feature to insure that your employee has successfully completed the course and successfully set goals for living L.E.A.N.

Call today to discuss how Coach Roger can:

  • Improve the overall health of your staff

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve concentration, focus, & alertness

  • Enhance employee morale 

  • See higher energy levels

  • Reduce sick days, absenteeism, & lost time

  • Employee turnover minimized

  • Improve safety - Fewer injuries, less human error 

  • Reduce stress (“the 21st century disease”)

  •  Save money on health insurance

  • Your employees will benefit through healthy lifestyle programs and we provide you with employee accountability.

Call Roger at 336-215-2670 to arrange a brief presentation on how the LEAN Start Program can help your Business or Organization.


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