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What people are saying...

Bob Younglove
Ocean City, MD

Roger Bejcek is a fellow Certified Health Coach who makes a career of helping people discover what the latest clinical research says about prevention and reversal of disease.  His focus is on helping people discover the options they have and helping them choose how to incorporate healthy living into their lifestyle.  He provides insightful group talks, individual coaching with great monthly newsletters.  He fun to work with; energetic, encouraging and a humorist! 


Carolyn & Terry Barnes
Statesville, NC

Several years ago my husband & I were looking for a healthier lifestyle.  We realized the various vitamins we were taking were really ineffective and a waste of money.  Thankfully coach Roger introduced us to the whole food supplement Juice Plus, 30 fruits and vegetables in capsules or chewables.  We were skeptical but trusted him and thankfully gave Juice Plus a try.  We gradually saw improvement in our overall health and thank coach Roger for sharing this gift of health with us.  Sadly, this past year my husband had a mild stroke.   Coach Roger was there again for us, sharing the nine tools of Dr. Sears Prime Time Health program.  What a wonderful difference they are making.  It is evident that coach Roger genuinely cares for others, and wants to help them make simple changes that can improve their health and quality of life.

Connie Byers
The Lake Norman Regional Medical Center Cancer Support Group

Thank you for sharing your time and valuable information at the Cancer Support Group yesterday. Your presentation was very helpful and I heard several very positive comments.  I loved the interactive traffic light visual, it was eye opening!  I know that we came away armed with important knowledge and resources that will serve us well.


Dan Swan
Statesville, N

I heard Coach Roger speak at an event about 1 1/2 years ago. He shared about all the ingredients and chemicals that are in food and beverages that are unhealthy. After hearing about what aspartame does and how much it is used as a sugar substitute, I quit drinking my diet sodas immediately. As a result, I did not have the headaches that I usually had. After the education I received from Coach Roger, I can directly attribute the headaches to the aspartame I was ingesting from my diet sodas. Thank you, Coach Roger, for enlightening me to take better care of myself.

20190226_092900 (2).jpg

Joni Stone
Statesville, NC

I've had the pleasure of working with Roger since 2018. I had attended one of Roger's  talks at the Iredell Health Forum. I was so impressed with his  presentation and how positive and enthusiastic he is about helping people learn  how to "Live Life  Younger, Longer!" I enjoyed  Roger so much, I asked him to speak to ElderCenter's Annual Dinner. 

Roger has this unstoppable personality  that belives  all it takes is "One Simple Change"  to live in an energetic, dis-ease free, vital body, mind and spirit for a fuller lifestyle. 

More importantly, Roger works with businesses helping your employees stay healthy, reduce sick days, decrease insurance claims, and increase productivity and focus. 


Dr. Sears Coaching Certification
Live Younger Longer

When you become a Certified Health Coach, you help individuals and families achieve their health and wellness goals by providing trusted, science-based information, positive encouragement and motivation. Health coaches help clients change their lives, improving their physical health and overall wellbeing.

Through coaching, you create individualized solutions that support genuine, lasting lifestyle changes. It’s more than just knowing the science behind nutrition and exercise, it’s understanding how to motivate coaching clients to live happier, healthier lives.

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