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ABOUT ME coach Roger

Living L.E.A.N. and LIVING YOUNG is my passion ever since my health wakeup call in 2008 when I suffered a heart attack while skiing with my son in Colorado. Yes, I had a chronic diseases and didn’t know it.

Thanks to a stranger who was on  the plane that eventful weekend, I was introduced to the number one prevention of all chronic disease, healthy fruits and vegetables!

L.E.A.N. does not refer to weight, it is an acronym for: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, & Nutrition. Two pillars of L.E.A.N. - E.A. (Exercise & Attitude) saved my life in 2008. Now the four pillars of L.E.A.N. have me living young, and fulfilling my mission of inspiring healthy living around the world. This mission lead me to become a L.E.A.N. Certified Health Coach of Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. 

L.E.A.N. is an easy, fun transition for the whole family. Join me and see how good you can feel by embracing the L.E.A.N. principles.  Check out all my Coaching Services and Courses here > 

But there's more... Living Healthy is more than just living L.E.A.N., to be successful, the whole coaching package must include the aspects of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

So why work with coach ROGER? As mentioned in the introduction video located on the HOME page, I am a re-inventor, having re-invented myself SEVEN times over my career.


I started out in plant engineering and management with a mechanical engineering degree. Corporate downsizing led me to become a product developer for an industrial plastics firm. Then a corporate merger became a catalyst for me to enter the real estate industry which then led to general contracting,


During some bad economic times in ’94, the contracting business took a turn for the worst. Fortunately, I quickly found my way back into manufacturing, earning an MBA at age 56. Subsequently, 9/11 hit and caught us all off guard. You guessed it, I was on the road to re-invention again.


That being said, the MBA was not the silver bullet I envisioned. Thus, retail sales and management became my 5th re-invention. My 6th career path came when I was downsized from retail, finding a product development position for a commercial roofing contractor. It was during that time my health wakeup call occurred leading me to my current passion and purpose as a Certified Health Coach with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.


You may ask: "What does all this re-invention mean to me?" As your coach,  I can tell you there isn’t much that I haven’t seen or experienced. We're a lot alike, living life with all its ups and downs. However it is these life challenges that bring wisdom and experience. It is my ability to assist you by re-envsioning, planning and guiding you to implement easy, step-by step, positive changes in your life. I am uniquely qualified to understand and coach you to experience healthy aging, by engaging the Mind, Body, and Spirit for a life well lived.

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