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Gratitude & Your Health

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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If nothing else this year has taught us, it is to be RESILIENT*. In fact, I wanted to share with you that we let our guard down a few weeks ago and yes, you  guessed it, we both got COVID. Thankfully, very thankfully, neither of us had to go to the Emergency Room, we were able to quarantine and deal with the symptoms as best we could from our own home. Many others have not been as lucky. Many won't be with their families this year due to hospitalizations, travel restrictions or simply did not beat this aggressive virus. 

Just so you know, even getting only the milder symptoms, it was no walk in the park! It certainly was much more intense than your typical flu. We both are in the age group that could have had a more severe case, however, more than ever, I'm convinced that our diligence to a healthy lifestyle helped us weather this bug better than others in our age group with similar health issues. Our daily habits and quality of foods and supplements all support our immune systems. I can say that without a healthy lifestyle, we might not have been so lucky. (Check out our favorite supplement supplier, Juice Plus, taking these daily helps fill in nutrients you need that sometimes our eating habits don't supply.)

Please know, that when you see me on Facebook, or at a Zoom meeting, or attending other community functions to talk about health, it's only because I truly care about the health and wellbeing of our community. The stronger and healthier we are, the more we enjoy life, the more we can help others, and the more we can grow our community in every way. 

WHAT CAN I DO?  What can I do to encourage each one of you to call me (or text) - 336-215-2670. Just for a short chat about your health, I'd like to find out about your health goals. Maybe you have a health story yourself you would like to share with others. We learn from not only what others have done right but also from things that have gone wrong. 

I'd like to continue to be that "Health Coach Guy" that you feel comfortable enough to call and ask a question, or would like to just discuss how you take care of yourself, maybe share some of your wisdom so I can help more individuals and families have a healthy heart, strong cardio, energetic body, mind and spirit that keeps you out of the doctor's office and out enjoying your family, your work and all that life has to offer. 

As a thank you for being a part of my life and livelihood, I put together a FREE PRINTABLE 60 DAY WELLNESS & GRATITUDE JOURNAL and a few relevant articles about health and the holidays.

Roger Bejcek, Ask Coach Roger

*Resilience - happens to be the subject of a great article by Dr. Sears. You can read it here >

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