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One more thing you can do to stay healthy

As we are seeing with today's health crisis, it's a  time to work together and help each other out. Please consider to reach out to the elderly who need help shopping, buy an extra package of toilet paper for local charities to hand out, be kind to all our cashiers and health care workers in the thick of it everyday. Small acts of kindness will reap huge rewards for those receiving and those giving. My family and I pray that you and your family stay safe in these uncharted waters.

Now more than ever the case for Living L.E.A.N. through healthy lifestyle changes is solidifying my commitment to educating about health and wellness to our community one person at a time.

The good news is that with an updated online system, it makes it easier for me to reach more of you than ever. That and because of the immediate need for us to care about how we treat our bodies, I have reduced my 4 week  L.E.A.N. workshop series to $49 through March 31st. You probably have prescriptions that cost more than that. Imagine what you can save on prescriptions and unnecessary supplements just by learning these tools and knowledge that will allow you to take control over the health of your own body and that of your family. 

Do the FIVE - Stay alive. 

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